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After your braces are taken off, a retainer ensures your teeth don’t shift back to their old positions. Experience orthodontist Hoss Abar, DDS, MSD, and the team at Abar Orthodontics create customized retainers at their office in Pinole, California. To find out how you can maintain a perfect smile with a retainer, call Abar Orthodontics or book an appointment online today.

Retainers Q & A

Why do I need to wear a retainer?

A retainer is a custom-made orthodontic device that’s designed to keep your teeth straight.

After you get your braces removed, a retainer prevents your newly straightened teeth from shifting out of place.  

It takes at least four to six months for your teeth to become permanently rooted in their new position after they’ve been straightened with braces. During that time, your teeth are at risk of shifting back to their original positions, or relapsing.

Imagine wearing braces for years only to have all that work come undone in a matter of months! When you wear your retainer as instructed by the team at Abar Orthodontics, you can rest assured your teeth will remain beautifully straight.

Even if you’ve never had braces, a retainer can correct a variety of issues, such as gaps in your teeth and speech problems due to poor alignment.

What different types of retainers are there?

The team at Abar Orthodontics provides two main types of retainers: permanent and removable. Depending on your needs, they may recommend you use only one type, or a combination of both.

You may need to wear a removable retainer on your top teeth and a permanent one on the bottom. The team at Abar Orthodontics creates a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

The type and amount of time you need to wear your retainer varies depending on your unique situation. Some people only need to wear retainers at night, while others wear them all the time.

How do I get a retainer?

First, Dr. Abar or a member of his team evaluate your bite to determine what type of retainer is best for you. To fit you for a retainer, they take an impression of your mouth. Then, they send the impression to a laboratory to fabricate a customized retainer.

Just like braces, a retainer can take some time to get used to. You may notice difficulty speaking and an increase in saliva at first. These adjustments are normal and tend to fade within a few days or weeks.

If you or a loved one needs a retainer, call Abar Orthodontics or book an appointment online today.