How to Choose an Orthodontist for Adult Braces

If you are an adult thinking about getting braces, then your next decision is finding the right Orthodontist. Many factors can affect your choice of providers, so follow my tips to find the doctor who can give you a perfect smile!

  1. Step1: If you have dental insurance, then begin your search by looking for preferred providers who will accept your insurance.
  2. Step 2: If you do not have insurance, then a good place to begin is by asking around for references. Chances are, you have a friend or family member who has experience with an Orthodontisit.
  3. Step 3: Also do an internet search, using the resource area below. You can search for a practing member of the American Association of Orthodontists, which is the premier organization of Orthodontists.
  4. Step 4: After narrowing your provider choices, set up appointments with each one for a consultation. At the consultation you will be told what type of treatment is recommended for your particular needs, as well as the estimated length of treatment and the cost estimate for your treatment.
  5. Step 5: Important questions to ask your potential provider is:

    – Does this office treat a lot of adult patients?
    – What are the payment options for your treatment?
    – Can monthly appointments be conveniently arranged around your particular schedule?
    – What type of braces do they recommend for your particular needs? Metal, invisalign, behind the teeth and clear braces are some of your options.
    – What type of dental work will you need before the braces are put on?

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