Ice Brackets Repel Stains

Lots of patients ask about clear brackets when getting braces, but some brands are giving other clear brackets an undeserved bad reputation for staining easily.

It’s true that some brands of less expensive clear brackets become discolored with wear. Foods such as tomato sauces, soft drinks, coffee, tea and grape juices can discolor some clear brackets over time.

However, there are some quality brackets on the market that do not stain. Some orthodontists use Inspire ICE brackets. The brackets, made from crystal-clear sapphire, are more stain resistant than brackets made from porcelain or plastic compounds, which can be more porous.

ICE brackets also are the only entirely transparent bracket on the market and they practically disappear once placed on the teeth.

The enamel on our teeth has a pigment and everyone’s tooth color is slightly different, which makes it difficult to find a tooth-colored bracket to match everyone. Using this clear colored, high-quality bracket means that it pulls in the color from the teeth, no matter what shade the teeth are.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of ICE brackets, they are two times as resistant to breakage as other ceramic appliances. They also require less force when they are removed from the teeth and they have a smooth profile that provides optimum comfort for wearers.

Good Hygiene Can Prevent Stains And Improve Treatment

Even patients with clear brackets that aren’t ICE brackets can take measures to ensure they stay looking aesthetically pleasing.

Brushing within 20 minutes after eating foods or drinking beverages that can stain the teeth and the brackets is a good practice for keeping teeth white and tooth decay at bay. On average, braces wearers should brush their teeth two to four times daily with a non-whitening toothpaste. Using a whitening toothpaste only whitens the portions of the teeth that aren’t covered by brackets, so once those brackets are removed, patients can be left with spots on their teeth where the brackets were.

Patients with clear brackets often also have clear ligatures, so it is important to have the ligatures changed regularly, as they can stain more quickly than the brackets.

The cleaner the brackets, the less friction created as far as orthodontic movement goes. That means the braces can move the teeth faster. Patients who do not brush and floss properly run the risk of getting inflamed gums, which can make it more difficult for the orthodontist to properly align the teeth.

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